I value your welfare as much as I value your business. Given the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, Overstreet Johnson Mediation is pleased to offer online mediation in a secure and easy-to-use meeting platform.  Most platforms offering online mediations are similar and I use Webex.  It is very easy to use and provides the security features needed to ensure the confidentiality of your mediation. Click below to review our step-by-step online guide for connecting to Webex for your mediation.  I look forward to reaching out to you on this new platform and I am confident we can be successful as we navigate these challenging times.

Learn more about how the coronavirus pandemic will impact litigation and dispute resolution in the future.

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Webex Mediation Guide
Virtual Mediation Tips

The following CLE courses are available online 24/7 for purchase through The Florida Bar. Each is offered as on-demand or podcast. Discounted registration is available for members of the Alternative Resolution Section of The Florida Bar.


Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution—a way that parties can attempt to resolve their disputes on their own terms—without having a judge or jury decide their dispute for them. Kelly Overstreet Johnson is an impartial and neutral professional who, as the mediator, facilitates a dialogue between parties and their counsel to assist them in reaching a settlement that they craft and finalize. Her role is to safeguard the mediation process by promoting mutual respect among the participants and encouraging the parties to engage in a dialog to discuss the merits of their case, the risks in any litigation, and whether a settlement can be reached on terms acceptable to them. Mediation offers the parties control over their case, and an opportunity to decide if they resolve their case and on what terms, often in ways that would never be possible in court.

Follow These Easy Steps To Prepare For Your Online Mediation:


Please contact my scheduling assistant, Leslie Terry, at or book on my calendar page by clicking on the date of your preference and submitting the form. You may also contact me directly at


Open the confirmation email that you receive from my office and submit the requested forms. Before your scheduled online mediation (and if desired), I host a very short session with counsel (and parties if desired) a day or so in advance of the mediation to troubleshoot, answer questions and ensure that PowerPoints and other documents are easily accessible.  There is no charge for this short session.  Several key components must be in place to ensure that your online mediation runs smoothly and remains confidential. These are considerations such as a strong, secure Wi-Fi or Ethernet signal; adequate power supply, and a distraction-free environment.

If your setting lacks any of these important elements, please contact Leslie Terry at or (850) 340-1614 to discuss alternatives.


Click on the link our office sends you to join the meeting. The Webex Meetings desktop app automatically downloads after starting or joining a Webex meeting from a Webex site or email invitation. Click the installation file to install it. A step-by-step guide shows you screenshots of how you quickly and easily connect. As part of our online mediation services, personnel is immediately available via e-mail and telephone during the entirety of the mediation to assist you with questions or technical difficulties.


Litigation can take years, but mediation typically takes only a day or two. This provides a more reasonable timetable for dispute resolution, an acceptable result and significant cost savings.


Mediation is a confidential process, in contrast to court cases, which are public. This can be an advantage to the parties because there are no records or evidence introduced that later could be revealed.


Parties in a mediation are in control of the outcome of their dispute. Parties who agree to mediation can benefit from a non-adversarial process that isn’t inherently “win-lose,” and important relationships often can be protected.


In mediation, there is no winner or loser and no admission of fault or guilt. When the parties to the settlement mutually agree on a resolution, they are likely to be more satisfied with the end results.